The New and The Old

March 6, 2009 mamoointhemiddle

The new being the blogging, the old being ME….

Can it be ? Me blogging !!!

My daughter thinks I should blog about  little stories and things I find interesting or funny, past and/or present  that I can share. I am not sure how this is going to turn out but I will try my best.

Mamoo in the middle, comes from my grandkids calling me Mamoo, and I was born the middle child, having a sister 4 years older and a brother 11 months younger. What that means is…..My sister could do things I couldn’t BECAUSE she is older….My brother could do things I couldn’t  BECAUSE he was a boy !!! Now tell me, how fair is that ??!!  So that’s how we arrived at a blog name and I hope this gets more interesting as time goes on.

I can’t say my life has been interesting but it has been different.

Today I find myself trying to make a life change in my diet. So… I am thinking food as I have known it, is no more. I am choosing a healthier way of eating and hopefully I can stretch out my time on this earth…..I am dragging 2 of my daughters along with me !!! To our surprise….It has been pretty good. We have discovered veggie crumbles and really like them. They can be cooked in a number of ways….Today we discovered that veggie sausage is very tasty. Our first goal was to lose weight but now I am finding that my blood pressure is at its lowest in 15+ years, so I am thinking we may be onto something here !!?

I will be posting how we are doing on this blog and maybe sharing some recipes that I find really tasty and since we are counting calories I will post that info also.

I think this is it for today…..


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  • 1. gamerspowwow  |  March 7, 2009 at 4:19 am

    Glad to hear about your blood pressure Mom. Keep it up all three of you. When I can afford to, we are going to try some of what y’all are doing. Like the blog alot.

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